What determines the value of MSD ?

We received reports about rumours on the market guaranteed that MS Dollar will multiply in value very soon, enticing speculators to turn a quick profit. While there are members who believed in said rumour and bought MS Dollar, there were many other who suspected the validity of such news, and sought confirmation from us.

We hereby issue a formal clarification that such news are merely rumours.

MS Dollar are currently only available for purchase INTERNALLY for Monspace members only, its price starting from USD 10 cents. MS Dollar will be opened to the public on international exchange platform from 1 October 2017 onwards. Interested parties can purchase MS Dollar then, through relevant platforms.

We’d like to emphasise that Monspace has no control over the value of MS Dollar once they are on the international exchange platform. Its price will fluctuate according to market demands, and the company has no ability to influence market trends.

We call upon our members to be extra vigilant when it comes to news concerning Monspace, and contact us for clarification should anything suspicious arise. This is paramount in safeguarding our member’s own interests, and prevent them from being victims of fraud or irresponsible speculations.

Monspace also reminds its corporate representatives, members and leaders to be careful when making claims about Monspace, in order to prevent miscommunication. We strongly condemn irresponsible acts that lead to monetary loss for our members, and damage in reputation to the company.

For inquiries concerning MS Dollar, please send us an email at [email protected] for clarification.

Thank you.

近日,有会员前来投报,指涉市场上有不少谣言声称凡购入集团所研发的MS Dollar,保证MS Dollar将会在短期内以数倍翻张,届时购买者将能从中获得巨大收益。

当中,有会员再未取得证实前,轻信谣言,以为MS Dollar将在近期报暴涨而购入,也有不少会员心生怀疑,随即向集团询问有关传闻之真实性。

故此,Monspace集团严正声明,以上纯属市场谣言,MS Dollar本阶段尚属限定制,意指仅开放於集团会员购买,价格从10美分(USD 10 Cent)起跳。

Monspace集团将会在2017年10月1日,对外正式于国际交易平台公开发售MS Dollar,民众能届时能透过交易平台购入MS Dollar。

集团也特别强调,一旦MS Dollar公开发售后,其价格非集团所能掌控,而是由市场供求情况决定,MS Dollar的价格也将随市场变动而有所调整。换言之,Monspace集团并不具有操控MS Dollar市场价格的权限,一切依市场需求而定。



若您对MS Dollar有任何疑问,欢迎您电邮至[email protected],我们将解答您的问题。