What would you think of for the concept of chronic hunger?

What would you think of for the concept of chronic hunger?

We could never imagine the concept of chronic hunger, until the extent of having the fear of facing death as we are currently living in a peaceful and economically stable country.

All this time, I always think that, since we have the capabilities, we should provide more help to those who are desperately wanted to live on. Therefore, I have started my journey to sponsor a dozen of kids in Kenya a few years ago. Hope that with a little of my help, they can keep living with a clean supply of water, sufficient food supplies, and effective medical supports.

Recently, I have read an article regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic worsens the chronic hunger issue in Kenya. According to the report, the report of “The State of Food Security and Nutrition in The World 2020” that released by the World Health Organization (WHO), informed that there are a total of 690 million of people are in hunger in 2019, the total amount increased approximately 10 million in 2018. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, the hunger rate had increased again. From the prediction of WHO, in 2020, there will be an increment of 130 million people in the world to face chronic hunger, especially in Kenya, Africa. From the calculation, Kenya will be one of the regions that the situation getting worse, and approximately 19.1% of the people facing malnutrition.

After comprehending the situation, I’m very anxious as I could not imagine how the children in Kenya would overcome this hardship as COVID-19 had affected the processes of the global food productions, distributions, and the expenses of all these activities. The outbreaks of COVID-19 just worsen food productions and food distributions in Kenya.

Therefore, I have decided to provide more sponsorships for the children in Kenya. Also, I had encouraged my family members to join this sponsorship with me. What touches me the most is, in just one day, I have got the supports from my family members to join with me for the sponsorship.

I appreciate those family members who gave their sincere help in providing sponsorships to the children in Kenya so that the children can overcome the harsh moments.

People always struggling and suffering when they are facing the hardships and I wish to tell them: There will be no obstacles that you cannot get through, the world is warm enough to embrace you. I sincerely hope that we all together can protect those children who never had a chance to achieve their dreams, help them in growing healthily, and let them have a chance to achieve their dreams.