Why Gratitude is Good for Business感恩之心对企业之的重要性

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Why Gratitude is Good for Business

I have probably talked about gratitude on this blog before, and I am sure many others have discussed it too. However, I realised that most articles and speeches out there focus on why gratitude is good for individuals. Rarely do people talk about how important it is for businesses.

Businesses, corporations and companies can benefit enormously by incorporating gratitude into their working culture. This might sound unreal, but you will be surprised at the practical benefits it can generate.

Read on and find out what it can do for your business:

1. Personal health and wellbeing

The healthier you are in body and mind, the better your professional performance. This is the same reason why you would want to eat healthy, work out, and maintain good social connections. A peaceful, positive and energised individual is more adequately equipped to work productively, think out of the box, and deal with stress on a daily basis. Conversely, negativity and whining is incredibly damaging to one’s working ability. It makes you hate your job, your colleagues and it outright sucks the life out of you.

When you start being grateful, and open your eyes to the blessing sin your life, you immediately feel much happier. Many people have reported an immediate change in emotional and even physical health the moment they adjust their outlook in life—even though everything else in their life remains the same.

2. Builds positive relationships

Most people do not enjoy the companion of someone grumpy, sad, whiny or negative. As it is, life is difficult and everyone has their own battles to fight. it is extremely tiring to hang out with someone who constantly complains about life, or is sad about something. Most of us enjoy the company of happy, cheerful people. After all, a positive attitude is contagious.

This will extend into every aspect of your business. Your clients, employees, bosses and colleagues will all enjoy your company a little more. As you exude positive energy, people will find it easier to work with you, and business deals can be done much easier.

3. Inspires others

Lead by example and you’ll encourage others to follow suit. Do you want an office filled with worrisome, negative and ungrateful employees? If you’re constantly stressed and ungrateful, you risk spreading that to others around you. This could mean losing clients and employees.

Start reflecting on the kind of energy you spread in the workplace. Ask a few of your close friends what they think about you. If there is indeed space for improvement, work on it.

4. Puts everything into perspective

Being grateful for what you have and what you’ve achieved is a great way to maintain perspective. This is especially important when you are faced with challenges or crises. On days when you feel discouraged, a quick look at what good things are happening for you can put you at ease again. If not, at least give you the assurance that all is not over. Challenges are inevitable, but how you handle them will determine everything. Every setback is an opportunity to learn, improve and progress.

5. Improves productivity

Gratitude creates a happier mood, and your physiology in turn responds with a higher energy level. This is a virtuous cycle. Not will not only improve your own productivity, it will have a positive impact on the productivity of the people who work with you. Giving and receiving thanks makes us feel better, thus we develop a higher resilience to stress, we enjoy better levels of concentration and we’re motivated to work hard.

Are you showing enough gratitude to the people around you? Are you creating a culture of gratitude at your business? If you have yet to do it, there is no better time to start than now.


















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