Happy Deepavali!屠妖节快乐

October brings with it a festive celebrated by all Malaysians. Deepavali is here!

I have lots of Indian friends, many of them I’ve known for more than a decade. They are hardworking, humble, religious, and friendly.

Malaysian Indians are special. Their ancestors settled in Malaysia, working on rubber plantations, barbershops, or grocery stores. When I was young, I often cycled to these Indian grocers to help my mum with groceries. The shop owner was this friendly and hardworking man with pearly white teeth—till today I remember how warm and helpful he was.

This year, I received many open house invitations as usual. Many of them are from old friends who have been out of touch for years, so getting an invitation is a pleasant surprise. I guess it only goes to show that interracial friendships can work just as well as any other friendship. As long as we treat each other sincerely and embrace our differences, it is not difficult at all to for us all to get along.

This festival of lights, I want to wish all my Indian friends—Happy Deepavali!




在长大一点,知道印度朋友对宗教非常虔诚,提起信仰时,脸上柔和的线条总是叫人动容,而且他们喜爱热闹,一年之间总有好多节庆庆祝,他们做open house时候,常邀请我去同欢,吃饭聚会聊天。


在这个佳节喜庆日,我在此祝贺各界的印度朋友们,屠妖节快乐,Happy Deepavali!