Work From Home,new mindset about working systems

令让人惊讶的是,根据Lenovo的调查显示,将近一半的受访者认为他们的在家工作生产率与办公室的生产率(46%)相当, 15%在家中甚至可以提高生产率。
People have moved work from the office to home, and many are wondering if working in an office is a model that will resume after this crisis.
In reality, with the advancement of technology and the entry of Gen Z into the workforce, the global labour force has long forsaken the “desk job” ideal, moving on to a more flexible working culture. Employers, however, don’t take working from home lightly. They are concerned that WFH affects communication and efficiency, and often question the feasibility of such a model.
What’s more surprising is that according to Lenovo, nearly half of the respondents said that their productivity at home is equal to that in the office, and 15% claims that WFH increases productivity.
Therefore, employers need to build a new mindset about corporate culture and working systems. Companies should understand that technology has changed everything long ago, and this pandemic is merely expediting the process.