WOW – Women do Wonders Event Advocate for Gender Equality

Last weekend, I attended a meaningful event called WOW – Women do Wonders. A collaboration between STAR Media Group and AirAsia, in conjunction with International Womens’ Day, the event served to highlight and advocate for gender equality.

Over the month, STAR media invited successful women from various fields to share their stories. These icons include former Minister of International Trade and current Independent Non-Executive Director of Air Asia X Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Air Asia X CEO Aireen Omar, and my good friend Maria Cordero, renowned artist from Hong Kong.

Every story shared at the event was intriguing. I was especially moved by Maria’s story: her father passed away when she was 11, so she had no choice but to start working at a tender age. After countless trials and tribulations, she made herself a name in the entertainment industry. I was profoundly impressed by her grit and determination.

As a woman, I am proud to say that females are often gifted with a strong, motherly resilience that helps them thrive even in the harshest of situations. It’s so ironic that we are often perceived as “weak and in need of protection”! Since the founding of the feminist movement, all that we seek is just to be respected as equal humans and to be given equal rights. Rights that are recognised by the law, and by society.

As a leader of MONSPACE, I have never used my identity as a female to lead. I want people to think of me as a “great leader”, not just a “great woman leader”. Being in the business all these years have helped me gain profound understanding of all that women have to go through to be at the same place as men. Issues such as gender discrimination and lower wages still persist. It is therefore not enough that we are doing significantly better than women of the previous era; as long as gender inequality exists, we should do our part for the sisterhood, and help combat the issue.

I would like to encourage everyone to start paying attention to gender equality. Remember, the declaration of human rights clearly states that no women should face discrimination. Let’s work to make that a reality for our next generation!

前天,我出席了一项非常具有意义的活动—— “Wow”-女性创造奇(WOW Women do Wonders),这项活动是《星报》媒体集团与主要赞助商亚航配合308国际妇女节而联手推动的女权运动,旨在争取与捍卫女性权利。

长达一个月的庆祝活动中,《星报》邀请了许多在各个领域均有杰出表现的女性分享她们的人生经历,例如在大马素有“铁娘子”之称的前贸工部长拉菲达丶亚航长途(Air Asia X)有限公司主席丹斯里拉菲达和首席执行员艾琳奥玛之外丶而我的好友也就是香港着名女艺人“肥妈”玛丽亚也在活动上分享了她的艰苦的人生经历。





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