Young man,embrace the challenges!

I often meet young people who ask me: “I hate my job. What should I do?”

My advice to youths is simple: if you’re doing something you don’t love, you can either choose to leave, or you can choose to invest all you have into making yourself better for the job, and be thankful for the money and learning opportunities your job offer.

The only thing you shouldn’t do, is WHINE. Because the power to change is in your hands.

While the gap between reality and expectation is wide, it is not impossible to bridge.

When you’re not ready to pursue your dreams, or don’t know enough to do what you love, or are not sure of your destiny—be thankful for what you have now; but don’t give up on your dreams.

Nothing goes to waste in our lives. Every part of our journey happens to shape your destiny, including your job now—unless you choose not to see it.

No matter where you are now, give all you have, and be the best version of you.

If you don’t love your job but choose not to leave it, then what needs to change is your mind. Have a shift in perspective, and you will see a whole new world.

I’ve always believed that there is no right or wrong outcomes, only choices that we make. If you choose to stay where you are now, then be positive about it. Embrace the challenges. Or else not only would you gain nothing, you’ll be left with a lot of discouragement and disappointment!

Life Inspiring Life.