Why Gratitude is Good for Business感恩之心对企业之的重要性

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Why Gratitude is Good for Business I have probably talked about gratitude on this blog before, and I am sure many others have discussed it too. However, I realised that most articles and speeches out there focus on why gratitude is good for individuals. Rarely do people talk about how important it is for businesses. […]

A Good Resume is the Ticket to Your Dream Job 别忽视!一张履历表决定工作入门票

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A Good Resume is the Ticket to Your Dream Job! As a CEO of a company, I am always on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic people to join Mon Space. I believe that talents are the primary asset of a corporation. Thus, I am very careful in selecting employees. The first step of the selection […]

When the world is cruel, be kind to yourself当伤痛来袭,別隱藏,請对自己好一点!

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When the world is cruel, be kind to yourself We all go through some bad days. When it happens, far too often we refuse to allow ourselves some down time. We beat ourselves up for having emotions, and think that the only way to display strength is to shut out our feelings and pretend like […]

RQ—The X factor of success成功人士都拥有”RQ”精神!

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RQ—The X factor of success Malaysia is doing great in the Rio Olympics. We have won silver for synchronized diving, and also made the semifinals of badminton doubles. Besides having the skills, I believe strong mental strength is also required of all Olympians. I love sports, and I often have friendly competitions with my friends, […]

Are you happy with your life now?问问自己,你满意现在的人生吗?

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Are you happy with you life now? Every morning, you wake up feeling stressed out, every muscle in your body tense from the workload you have, and you find it hard to breathe. You get to work, you come back home exhausted, fall asleep, and repeat the routine the next day. How long have you […]

How to Lift Yourself Out of Negativity如何驱赶负面情绪?

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How to Lift Yourself Out of Negativity As much as I believe in working hard, seizing opportunities and not letting negativities beat you down, there are times where negative emotions can come and there is just no quick fix for it. We all have our times with negativity. Some of us get over it faster […]

Opportunity Favours the Prepared, Not the Lucky 机会是留给有准备的人,不是幸运的人

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Opportunity Favours the Prepared, Not the Lucky My years in the business world has been a long and fateful journey. Till now, one principle that I hold on dearly is that opportunities should be created by yourself. There is a saying that goes: Opportunities do not appear for no reason. They are created. Indeed, this […]

Be Slow to Judge别过于主观,用智慧判断事情!

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Be Slow to Judge I am always on the lookout for talent. Not just people with skills or good business sense, but more importantly I am always looking for people with great leadership qualities, because these people are a great asset to any company. One of the key features that I appreciate in a leader […]