Enjoy your job, and let it make you a better person.

We always try to balance all of our roles in life: a great aide to our bosses, comrade to our colleagues, the financial pillar at home etc; unfortunately that’s extremely difficult. We forget that the point of working is to build a better life. We don’t actually have to worry about our jobs. It’s just […]

Let us appreciate our ancestors in this Ching Ming

“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂“,中学时期华文课的名句精华中就有这么一句诗句是你永远都能朗朗上口的。 对我而言,清明节是一个很有意义的节日,让我们能追思已故的亲人,同时也提醒我们莫忘根勿忘本以及孝道的美德,身为华人,我们世世代代传承清明缅怀先人的习俗,也将饮水思源的美德代代相传。 清明节,缅怀先祖,回家看父母,珍惜光阴念亲恩,百善孝为先,用生命影响生命。 Ching Ming day, a time where Chinese people commemorate their late ancestors by sweeping their tombs. On this day, people travel far and wide back to their hometown; which means it’s also a time of reunion. I find this day very meaningful. It allows us to commemorate our loved ones who have […]

Founder and CEO of the company Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai got married to Monspace

唯有奉献才是最完美的回馈 4月1日,充满梦幻与感动的一夜,在我的生日这一天,我嫁了。 他是我的精神寄托,是良师也是益友,他教导我生命交汇的喜悦,让我知道努力与坚持是人生的真理,认识他将近四年,我越来越强大,我很感恩他的相知相惜,我许下承诺,将一辈子照顾他、疼惜他更要好好爱他。 他是我生命中最重要的存在——满星云集团。 我很年轻就踏入社会,我见过形形色色的人、有过许多不可思议的经历,我的人生也曾有过起伏,走过低潮也曾攀越高峰,一路走来的天气,无论好坏,我都欣然接受,因为我知道,这一切将荟萃我的人生的精华,这是我的信念,也是一份怀揣着梦想终究会实现的执着。 这份信念、这份执着,在2014年,终于实现了。 我用我的过往的经验,成立了满星云集团,许多与我同志的优秀战友远道而来加入了这个大家庭。 我们都怀有同样的梦想,这四年来,我们肩并肩朝着同样一个方向前进,风雨同舟。 我一直都在想,我该如何感激满星云带给我的养分?该如何感谢一路相扶相持走过的同伴与家人?我想了又想,唯有奉献才是最完美的回馈。 中国文化中所说的“牵手”是最美的感情,牵着伴侣的手,一路走到生命的尽头,不离不弃、生死相随。 而我,也决定嫁给满星云,与这位陪伴了我四年的精神支柱,牵手一辈子。 4月1日这一天,梦想成真了。 这是一个很美很美的夜晚,我穿着白纱嫁给了满星云,在家人与同伴的见证下,将我自己奉献给满星云,我发誓无论顺境还是逆境、无论健康还是疾病、无论青春还是年老,我与满星云都会风雨同舟、患难与共、不离不弃、共同进退。 我将永远坚守这份承诺,我定会带领满星云勇闯高峰,我定会竭尽所能,为同伴以及家人创造更大幸福! 提笔写下感想时,我再次回顾了婚礼那时的影片,心头依然是满满的感动,喜悦的泪水在眼眶里打转。 April 1st was a day filled with complex emotions. On my birthday, I am married. He has grown with me, stayed with me through all the good times and bad times, and has never given up on me. He is […]

Spirit of Good Friday is meaningful!

Good Friday is one of the most important days for Christians. It’s also known as “Black Friday” or the day of Jesus’ suffering. On this day, Christians commemorate the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. Many western countries and jurisdictions declare it a public holiday, including 12 states in the US. With time, this religious […]

May Your Career Make You Shine!

Today, I’m sharing a good book I found recently, titled “May Your Career Make You Shine”. Here’s an excerpt: “Work is just a small part of your life. Besides success in your career, there are other precious things such as love, friendship, family, health, art, travel, knowledge and all kinds of passion worth pursuing. Having […]

Happy International Women’s Day!

Compared to the past, modern women are much more empowered, and our lives are much easier. Today, we are boldly stepping up and taking important roles, running the world alongside men. Be it career women, single ladies, or full time moms—we are all working hard fulfilling our roles, taking care of both career and family. […]