Spirit of Good Friday is meaningful!

Good Friday is one of the most important days for Christians. It’s also known as “Black Friday” or the day of Jesus’ suffering. On this day, Christians commemorate the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. Many western countries and jurisdictions declare it a public holiday, including 12 states in the US. With time, this religious […]

May Your Career Make You Shine!

Today, I’m sharing a good book I found recently, titled “May Your Career Make You Shine”. Here’s an excerpt: “Work is just a small part of your life. Besides success in your career, there are other precious things such as love, friendship, family, health, art, travel, knowledge and all kinds of passion worth pursuing. Having […]

Happy International Women’s Day!

Compared to the past, modern women are much more empowered, and our lives are much easier. Today, we are boldly stepping up and taking important roles, running the world alongside men. Be it career women, single ladies, or full time moms—we are all working hard fulfilling our roles, taking care of both career and family. […]

Winners never quit, quitters never win

Some people don’t understand that seeds sown in spring will only reap harvest in the autumn. Too often, we expect immediate returns to our efforts, and give up when results don’t come as soon as we hoped. That’s how many businesses fail—they give up when they don’t see returns soon enough. Some give up after […]

Monspace wish everyone an early happy Chinese New Year !

Chinese New Year is almost here, and Monspace is feeling festive! As an early celebration, we had an exciting New Year lighting ceremony, where many joined us in welcoming the new season. The event this time is different from previous years. The feast was specially planned to serve our deaf and mute friends. Naturally, I […]