This special season, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas ! With every shopping mall decked out in Christmas decorations and festive tunes are playing everywhere, it’s hard not to get into the festive mood. As a Christian, celebrating Christmas is just as exciting as celebrating Chinese New Year to me. A few weeks before this special day every year, I would start […]

Never push a loyal person to the point where they walk away

Having faithful employees is the dream of every employer. An enterprise’s growth is directly related to the loyalty of its workers, and vice versa. A corporation’s biggest asset is indeed not its money, but its employees! The key to keeping faithful employees around is respect. To put it simply, its about showing genuine care and […]

Happy Deepavali!屠妖节快乐

October brings with it a festive celebrated by all Malaysians. Deepavali is here! I have lots of Indian friends, many of them I’ve known for more than a decade. They are hardworking, humble, religious, and friendly. Malaysian Indians are special. Their ancestors settled in Malaysia, working on rubber plantations, barbershops, or grocery stores. When I […]

Happy mid-autumn celebration!中秋节快乐!

The mid-autumn festival is one of the most important celebrations among the Chinese community. It symbolises reunion, just as the moon is especially bright and full on the day, lighting the way for travellers to go home to their loved ones. As a child, I loved the mid-autumn festival because that’s when I got to […]

Happy 60th birthday, Malaysia!

Every Independence Day, Malaysians fly our flags high with pride. Songs and commercials are constantly on TV, fuelling our excitement for the celebration. Come 31 August, many would be in front of their TV, anticipating the parade at Merdeka Square. This is an experience shared by many Malaysians, and it is also one of my […]

“Jessy’s Musical” Concludes On A High Note

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who worked on Jessy’s Musical, on stage and backstage. Words can’t express how grateful I am for this marvelous and moving performance. On the last show, I’m honoured to have celebrities and also my close friends from Hong Kong, Michelle Yim and Maria Cordero present. Nothing quite […]