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五年前满星云成立之际,我们架设了集团的官方脸书,为各界及时更新关于集团的最新动向,同一时间,我个人的官方脸书也成立了,作为我与各位亲爱的读者一个小小的共享空间,分享我的工作、我的生活、我的想法…… 几乎每一天,我都会更新我的脸书,看着读者给予我满满的善意回应以及鼓励,让我更有动力分享! 这个小空间是我与读者们发现生活、探索生命、分享感动的园地,透过我的分享与读者们的真诚回馈,我们一起发现更多的可能性以及触发我们与不同的人之间的有趣链接。 每天的脸书回忆贴文都会让我重看曾经记录过的点点滴滴,一转眼,经营这个账号已有五年的时间,为了让各位拥有更好的用户体验而必须关闭这个账号,其实我的内心充满着不舍。 但我并非离开,而是转移阵地,将最好的最新的消息都集中在MSC头条上发布,在那里,我将持续与各位分享我的生活与工作! 各位,请关注MSC头条以获知关于我的最新动态与文章,让我们继续抱持温馨的互动,继续传播爱与美好,继续用生命影响生命。 Five years ago when we founded Monspace, a Facebook page was set up to inform people about the latest updates. I also set up a personal page as a way to connect with followers, and share updates about my work, life and thoughts. I update my Facebook page every […]

Let us do our part to end this crisis!

Prime Minister Muhyiddin gave a speech 2 days ago, announcing that from 4 May onwards, Malaysia will transition from Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) into Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB), which means conditional restrictions on movement. Despite this relaxation in rules, industries and citizens should still adhere strictly to SOP and safety requirements. Monspace would like […]

ATV has donated 40,000 medical masks to the government of Beigang, China

ATV has donated 40,000 medical masks to the government of Beigang, China for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 spread. Through donations, ATV hopes to show support for the frontline medical staff in Beigang, by supplying protection gear to assist the country in the fight against the virus. As COVID-19 continues to spread around […]

Monspace donated masks and sanitisers to Pusat Perubatan University Malaya (PPUM)

To ensure our frontliners have enough medical supply in this battle against COVID-19, Monspace is responding to the government’s call for donation. Large quantities of masks and sanitisers have been donated to Pusat Perubatan University Malaya (PPUM), so medical professionals can be protected while saving the lives of others. As citizens, we recognise the importance […]

Monspace has donated medical gloves and sanitising to Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM)

有一道曙光叫雨后天晴 为了让前线医护人员能获得更多的医疗资源以应对每日都在激增的新冠肺炎确诊案例,满星云捐赠了多批的医疗手套以及消毒液于大马卫生部(KKM),希望尽绵力,协助这一群伟大的医疗团队战胜这一场无形的战争! 医护人员长期曝露在危险的环境中舍己救人,足够医疗的设备至关重要,因为只有防护设备足够,医护人员才能得以保护好自己继续在前线为人民战斗。 “国家有难,匹夫有责”,危机时刻,满星云在履行公民责任,与国家共患难之余,亦希望能发挥影响力,号召各界人士更关注前线医疗团队的防护设备课题! To help medical front liners combat the increasingly serious COVID-19 pandemic, Monspace has donated large amounts of medical gloves and sanitising supply to the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM), hoping to do our part in overcoming this invisible war. Medical professionals are constantly exposed to danger in order to save others. […]

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai attended the 1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine of Pakistan

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, a strong proponent for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and chair of the World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM), attended the 1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine, on 28-29 Feburary 2020 in Lahore, Pakistan. In her opening ceremony speech, Lai shared her learning 4 years ago while researching the topic […]

Singaporean film maker Jack Neo named head of Asia Momentum Entertainment

The move to build a film and television city in Malaysia is based on the various business and economic opportunities it brings. Its establishment is expected to stimulate the local entertainment industry.   Asia Momentum Entertainment has been named head of Asia Momentum Entertainment, which also has an app. Jack Neo is a household name in Asia, […]

Fintech startups consider Malaysia is great potential and is worth developing

Fintech has gradually taken root in various fields, and has gradually attracted the attention of advanced countries such as China and the United States. But in Malaysia, fintech is still in its infancy. Although related companies have appeared on the market, they are not yet considered mainstream. Fintech faces many challenges in Malaysia, including traditional […]

The company is hosting a back to work feast for everyone to celebrate the new year.

It’s day 6 of CNY and we are back at the grind! The company is hosting a back to work feast for everyone to celebrate the new year. I’d like to thank all Monspace family for staying faithful to the company’s vision from the start. Thank you for taking the company to greater heights—without you, […]