On your way to a great goal, set smaller targets that you can achieve

Marathon Runner Yamada Honiji shared that before every race, he’d go on a car and check out the running trail in detail. Then he takes note of eye-catching landmarks. The first one may be a bank, second one a tree, third one a red house… until he finally reaches the finishing line. Once the race […]

Happy Labour Day!

满星云成立五年以来,有赖于全体家人的努力与支持,才能让满星云能发展至今日的规模。 我向来视伙伴们为集团的资源与财富,五年以来,集团不断的求进步,并与大家共享成功的硕果。 今天是五一劳动节,满星云在此祝贺全体同仁,劳动节快乐!未来的日子,请继续与集团携手前进,创造奇迹。 Monspace got to where we are today in 5 years, in no small part due to the contribution of everyone who works with us. I have always treated our people as valuable assets. Over the past 5 years, we have continuously expand and share the fruits of its growth with everyone. On […]

Non – Communicable Diseases – The Co-Killer

The COVID19 pandemic as today has infected about 400,000 and has killed more than 20,000 people, with the numbers rapidly increasing with new cases being reported from different territories. According to the World Heart Federation, “non-communicable diseases (NCD), specifically chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are major risk factors for developing severe […]

A friend in need is a friend indeed

缓急可共,生死可托,密友也; 满星云有许多难能可贵的家人朋友,从一开始到现在都陪伴着满星云风雨共度,即便满星云经历了多次的考验与危机,他们仍然在原地等待,给予我们最好的精神支持。 除了感激,再也无法表达发自内心那即是喜悦也是感慨的情绪,感恩一路有你们,未来的日子,也希望能与各位一起肩并肩的走下去,用生命影响生命,谢谢你们! There have been countless times in my life where a difficult situation showed me my true allies. Every challenge is an opportunity to find out who will stay true and loyal. Only when you’ve faced difficulties and challenges together, can be counted as a real friend or family. Your loyalty is not […]

How did Monspace grow at a rate that far surpasses other corporations?

今天,满星云能够走得比其他企业更快,原因在于什么?因为我们有一群忠诚的、有信仰的家人,他们时刻与我同在。现在的我们并不是由零开始,而是直接腾飞,我们能够从好变得更好。 How did Monspace grow at a rate that far surpasses other corporations? It’s because we have loyal, faithful users who stuck with us. We are not starting from scratch here. We are going from glory to glory.

The government needs to also think of long term economic revitalisation

牛津经济学院的报告指出,仰赖中国游客的泰国在中国实施禁止人民出国旅游后,其国内的旅游业受到重创,同时也影响了旅游业占国内总生产值(GDP)高达25%的菲律宾。 新加坡今年的全年经济增长率预估为0.5%至2.5%,这是考虑到贸易战争之后的数据,新冠肺炎是政府始料未及的变数。 而在经济学中,需求与供给是最基本的要素,当需求大量降低,就会发生经济衰退,尤其马来西亚这一类较为依赖国际出口以及国际贸易的国家势必会受到一定的冲击。 我觉得,经济振兴配套自然是其中一个能止住颓势的方式之一,但也只能解决燃眉之急,政府需要思考的是更长远的经济计划。 According to a report by the Oxford Institute of Economics, Thailand’s domestic tourism, which largely relies on Chinese tourists, has been hit hard after China implemented a travel ban. The sudden halt in tourism also affects the Philippines, where the industry accounts for up to 25% of GDP. Singapore ’s annual […]