Focus On Educating & Changing Lifestyle

“Though I may not be able to save all lives, I shall begin to save one”.

A phrase that i utterly loved from Mother Theresa as she tried feeding the poorest of the poor. Spread across the many continents, non – communicable diseases (NCD) does not spare anyone. It was not that people refuse to exercise, it was not that people didn’t try to exercise and it really was not that people didn’t want to exercise. It was just that many do not know how and do not understand the overly used word called exercise. Lets define exercise. It is a voluntary organised movement in a dedicated time frame within the right dosage.

In the many years of fighting non – communicable diseases (NCD), our mission is nothing more simpler than encouraging people to exercise correctly but the complexity of this task is an immense uphill effort, one that is filled with reasons and excuses. Getting into an exercise regime shakes their day to day status quo. Reasons are not uncommon to surface thus causing adherence to be quite difficult and ultimately underscores the value of exercise. This is a disease that is linked to human behavior, and to change people’s behaviour and circumstances is proving to be more difficult than fighting infectious diseases.

Exercise when performed in an organised manner with a dedicated time frame at a right dosage will bring about positive cell turnover to our body. If those who exercise followed this aphorism, we would have a healthier world. The most profound issue now is to motivate people back to understand how to exercise and to also disseminate the right information from the basics.

What should we do to motivate people to exercise? I am now placing more qualified and trained exercise therapists to governmental hospitals and schools to ensure they understand this concept of exercise. To teach and educate the meaning of exercise is not enough, we also have to ensure they understand and know how to do it.

One of the branches of the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinics

This is the essence of the fight on non – communicable diseases (NCD). The correct way to exercise to avoid overuse and to ensure a right dosage that comes with it. This will yield results and this will be able to clamp the rising mortality from non – communicable diseases (NCD).  As mentioned, I cannot save everyone at the same time but I shall start by saving one. Our data so far have shown nothing less than a 44% improvement across all the non – communicable diseases (NCD) patients that we have received from doctors referrals. I can assure we will win this fight, slowly by and but slowly.