International Scientific Committee on Exercise Medicine

We have concluded our 3rd. International Scientific Committee on Exercise Medicine meeting. The functions of this committee serves to organise the World Conference On Exercise Medicine and other responsibilities in researches, certification programs and community exercise programs.

This year we have resolved 3 very important issues:

  1. To begin global community programs and to ensure take home apparatus and tools for continuation.
  2. To register this committee as The International Society of Exercise Medicine and committee members to register their country’s Exercise Medicine Society. These societies will function to educate and teach the communities how to use exercise to prevent Non – Communicable Diseases (NCD).
  3. To start short courses to ensure our collective information and skills are transferred to the younger generations to continue fighting Non – Communicable Diseases (NCD).


We have also unanimously agreed that each committee member to encourage students to present their research work to ensure a continuation of evident based research to be used to fight Non – Communicable Diseases (NCD). The 4th World Conference on Exercise Medicine will feature special exercise workshops to ensure a proper take home skills and information to all in attendance.

Keynote lecture on Exercise and The Heart, Exercise and Cancer, Exercise and Metabolic Syndrome, Exercise and Senior Citizen, Exercise and Injury Prevention, Exercise and Mental Health, Exercise and women Issues and others as we go along.

Looking forward to a busy year.