“I Wish You Good Health”

“I wish you good health” is the kindest wish one can give to another. To well receive such kind words from a well-wisher, one has to do enough to receive it. You have to lead a healthy lifestyle and to know how to exercise. Be told, the World Health Organisation has published that not exercising is the 4th leading cause of deaths.

It is obvious that such kind wishes have never been accepted wholeheartedly because about 1.4 billion people aren’t exercising and have constituted about 41 million deaths each year globally. More than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight and over 650 million adults were obese.

An estimated 26% of the world’s population (972 million people) has hypertension and is expected to increase to 29% by 2025.

The global diabetes prevalence in 2019 is estimated to be 9.3% (463 million people), rising to 10.2% (578 million) by 2030 and 10.9% (700 million) by 2045.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels and include coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease and other conditions. This is the number 1 cause of death and takes 17.9 million lives each year. Looks pretty much that those kind wishes were never well received.

From these statistics, more than half the populations on planet earth has taken health for granted and not realizing that their bodies are brewing diseases or being aware of their disease state but not willing to do anything about it. I have seen people with a blood pressure reading of 165/135, sugar level at 13, stressful and strung out, body aches, obese and hereditary history of cancers and yet they still refuse to accept the gift of good health.

The gift of good health can only be accepted only if you know how to exercise. Exercise is a simple word but commonly misinterpreted. Everyone of us thought we knew how to exercise yet tens of millions of people die each year. This clearly shows that there must be something wrong. Either they don’t exercise or exercise incorrectly or exercise doesnt work. Empirically, exercise is a polypill to many diseases especially non communicable diseases (NCDs).

So the question is, why are we not exercising or how to exercise correctly? Exercise psychologists have been pondering over this for the past decades and have yet to determine the cause of not exercising. Over the past 5 years at our exercise clinics, the acceptance of exercise were noticed when they can see changes in their bodies and we know changes are the best motivating factors to keep them exercising.

So if you receive wishes and gifts of good health, ask for the know-how of exercise, ask them how to get the good health. Only when you have received your gift of good health through the knowledge of exercise, you will be able to enjoy luxuries and happiness because health is your ability to accept them.