Life Advice, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

做人如山,望万物而容万物; 做人似水,能进退而知进退

Zuòrén rúshān, wàng wànwù ér róng wànwù; zuòrén sì shuǐ, néng jìntuì ér zhī jìntuì.
As a person you need to be open like mountains and formless & flexible like water.



It’s hard to explain this Chinese proverb. In the first sentence, the Chinese proverb encourages people to be like mountains – It’s tall, vast & open; overseeing everything. It literally means that in life, you need to be open to everything and anything that comes to you – Not shying away from problems but embracing them. Life is filled with yin and yang, a good and bad in everything. Celebrate the good and embrace the bad as life lessons.

On the second sentence, it is very similar to what Bruce Lee famously said – Be like water. Be flexible, be formless; be adaptive to situations. When you learn how to adapt to situations, you can make a situation skew to your advantage, or benefit.

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