Brand new shopping platform——橙宝网 CPMall

E-commerce is always the main focus of our company and we have created a brand new shopping platform 橙宝网 CPMall, and is determined to make it Asia’s most popular fashion shopping destination.

CPMall has a comprehensive range of products to shop from, including healthcare and wellness products. All products are fairly priced, and most importantly, customers enjoy 24-hour customer service and a great delivery system.

It’s also worth noting that in an effort to address the growing population of mobile shoppers, Monspace has created the CPMall app. This app will be one of the company’s main business focus in the second half of 2018.

2018年,是满星云集团电商业务也的一个跨点,满星云研发了一个全新的网购新平台——橙宝网CPMall,势要将CP MALL打造成为亚洲最受欢迎的时尚购物网站。


值得一提的是,为了应对未来移动设备网购者大量涌入,满星云专门设计了橙宝网CPMall APP,而这款CPMall APP将成为满星云集团下半年重点推动的企划之一。