Passion,by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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Zhǐyǒu rè’ài nǐ de gōngzuò, nǐ cáinéng zuò chū wěidà de shì
Do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.






Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, gave a commencement speech during the 2005 Stanford graduation ceremony. It was moving, and it teaches a valuable lesson:

Everyday I hear people wanting to change their career paths, but do they stop to think—would a career change really bring happiness? Maybe the question is not “how do I find a job that I love” but rather “how can I start loving my current job?”

The truth is, most people do not have the luxury to do what we are really passionate about. They key to happiness then is to turn what you’re doing into something you love.

Think about why you chose this job in the first place, find motivation, and cultivate passion. It is not just about the satisfaction of getting paid, but also the creative value, challenges and validation you get everyday. These are the vital elements that will keep the fire in your heart ablaze.

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