Faith,by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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Xìnniàn shì yǐ zhìxiàng de xíngshì biǎoxiàn chū de rè’ài
Faith is love taking the form of aspiration.






It is something fascinating—we can’t see it, but it often dictates the course of a person’s life. Faith can be positive and challenging, but it can also be complacent and idle.

There are some hopes and dreams in this world that are entirely achievable as long as you put your heart in it. This is a faith that motivates and empowers.

On the contrary, if you want something but refuse to put in the effort, you are definitely not getting it. The popular saying goes: the longest distance in the world is from the head to the heart. Very few are able to take what we know and turn it into action.

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