Fighting The #1 Killer Of Mankind.

Today I have decided to share something which I felt that everyone should have this bit of information I have gathered over the years. I picked up an old article when I was serving my duty at the United Nation and apparently,  it says more people will die until the year 2030. I was taken aback abruptly and started to think of the unthinkable. This disease commonly known as non-communicable disease (NCD) has been killing mankind for the past decades as announced by The World Health Organisation.

Though I am aware of these diseases, but never in my wildest dream I have known that they are the number 1 killer responsible for taking 41 millions lives and counting in the next 10 years and they have cost billions of dollars in every country around the world. I can’t imagine how this could be happening even with the advancement of cutting edge technology in medicine and pharmacology and yet, we still cannot control a disease.

I have decided to devote myself with some time and started to look into this, and have decided to take on the duel with this disease. Through the materials I have read and researched and my many discussions with medical doctors, we have concluded that it can simply be avoided by physical activities. Then again, people are working out at fitness centers, gymnasiums, doing pilates, Zumba, jogging, marathons, playing futsal and badminton and yet people are still dying. Governments, world authorities, medical specialists are all recommending exercises and gymnasiums and yet fitness centers are closing down. Why? Truly a million dollar question.

What is the missing link, the missing component? Over the years I have been working with some exercise scientists and medical doctors. Mapping the conventional medicine protocol, all that was missing was just a ‘dosage’ where exercise need to be prescribed. I started to establish centers that are fully operated by academically trained individuals to carry out a unique pilot study with the Health Ministry in Malaysia and the results were significantly encouraging. 


With the Deputy Minister of Health, Malaysia.

To disseminate what I have found, I decided to host a World Conference on Exercise Medicine back in 2017. Surprising we have 18 countries in participation and we also drafted a Declaration on NCD over the 4 days (never would I have imagined I was in the middle of a scientific discussion in a room full of mad scientists). I then decided to form The International Scientific Committee to ensure that these scientists will continue to contribute more ideas to fight NCD. Last year being our 3rd edition of the conference, we have gathered 39 countries world wide and also have formulated new exercise programs and new dosages and I decided to pledge 10 such conferences to ensure sufficient and accurate information will be taken home by all in attendance at the conference. I am also proud to announce that our 4th edition of the world conference will be held in June of 2020 (300 days again from the last). 

With the panel of speakers from 28 countries during our 3rd world conference.

In a nutshell, your exercise should be prescribed with the right dosage.