Hard work, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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Wǒ shǐzhōng xiāngxìn, zhǐyào kěn nǔlì, jiù yīdìng huì yǒu shōuhuò
I’ve always believe that if you put into the work, the result will come.


NBA永远的“飞人”迈克乔丹(Micheal Jordan)曾经说过这句经典语录:“我始终相信,只要肯努力,就一定会收获。”这句话非常有说服力,乔丹的成功并非偶然,除了天分之外,他付出了巨大的努力。



NBA legend Michael Jordan has said: “everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work”. Success does not come easily—Jordan worked hard for many years, overcoming obstacles, failures and disappointment. He was not the strongest, or tallest among his peers, but he worked the hardest; and that was what made him the legend that he is. As long as we put in enough effort, success is always within reach. Remember, nothing good comes easily.

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