I didn’t forgive you, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Kevin Tsai once said: “I didn’t forgive you, but it doesn’t matter anymore.” I think it is a brilliant quote.

It’s not easy to forgive someone, especially those who have hurt you deeply. Forgiving, forgetting, and letting go are much easier said than done.

If you really can’t find a way to forgive others, maybe think of it another way: you don’t have to forgive them. But you can choose to let yourself go from the pain. Why bother?

It takes wisdom to say: “It doesn’t matter anymore.” It means you have understood that life is precious, and we shouldn’t be wasting energy and time on hating, or living in the pain of the past. We must look forward. There’s no need to erase the past—instead, just tell yourself: “It doesn’t matter anymore. I will release myself from hurt, and look forward to a better tomorrow.”