Virtue, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai


Bèi rén dǐ huǐ liǎo bù shuō, shì yī zhǒng hányǎng.
If someone commits slander towards you, keeping silent is a form of virtue.



The Late Benjamin Franklin (The First American, one of the founding fathers of America) has a popular quote, “Silence is virtue”. In many Chinese proverbs that I follow, “silence” is something that I always seek to follow. On one great example of Chinese proverb that I constantly follow, silence is thought from experience.

Silence does not necessarily mean ignorance. It does not necessarily mean negligence, irresponsibility or oversight. Silence could also mean thoughtfulness, patience, control, respect and probably more than what you can imagine. Our lives are filled with multiple alterations of positives & negatives; filled with so much noise & distractions, everyday. But every time we confront a difficult situation, do we take a step back and look at the bigger picture?

Or do we impulsively make judgemental decisions that could possibly impact someone’s life negatively without us realising it? Take a step back today, and learn from what silence can teach us, just like how it has thought our ancestors for more than a millenia, now.

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