Integrity,by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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“Zhèngzhí” shì jíbiàn méiyǒu rén zài kàn, réngrán jiānchí zuò duì de shìqíng
Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.


坚持做对的事看似简单,其实不然。生活中,我们都会遇到来自内在和外在的阻碍,都会面临妥协。我们在妥协中求生存,在妥协中坚持某种存在。 “坚持做对的事”,将成为心中的一把尺,督促着我们就算绕远路,也要在正确的价值观中前进。

Everyone can tout that they stick to a set of principles, but to actually do that is an extremely difficult task. We face all kinds of challenges and obstacles, and are constantly put in a position to compromise our beliefs. We compromise because we need to survive, but remember that surviving is more than just staying alive. It is about the value of the life that you live. Stay principled, do the right things.

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