Life Learnings, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai


Rénshēng de gāodù, bùshì nǐ kàn qīngle duōshǎo shì, ér shì nǐ kànqīngle duōshǎo shì.
Living a good life is not about how much you experience, but how much you’re willing to let go.



Many people have the idea of experiencing everything in life before you die – And if you ask people around you, all of them have dreams or hopes to achieve something, regardless of how big or small the dream is. This quote is not about how much you’re willing to experience, and it tells you to let go – Essentially it is about forgetting the past and moving on.

The Chinese quote “qing” means the clarity of how things are – Not how much you see, understand or experience – It’s all about learning how much of it you can let go – A sacrifice you make, for the greater good, in this context.

When we live harmoniously with people around us, when we help people around us – The less fortunate, people who do not have more than what you have today, is a beautiful act of humanity.

Around the world today when you look – We have lost a lot of humanity when it’s needed most. Let’s rekindle that spirit of kindness, and forgive the person who has done wrong to you today.

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