Monspace has donate to four local Tamil primary schools

Today, Monspace has made a trip down to Negeri Sembilan to donate to four local Tamil primary schools, in order to give them more conducive learning environments.

Earlier, 4 Tamil primary schools in Negeri Sembilan: SJK (T) Ladang Lenggeng, SJK (T) Ladang Cairo, SJK (T) Ladang Chembong, and SJK (T) Ladang Bradwall were all having problems with the lack of facility in school. To ensure that students learn better, these schools have been seeking for urgent donations.

A school’s facility and comfort has huge impacts on its students’ learning ability. A well-funded school with the necessary equipments helps teacher educate better, and make children learn more effectively.

Unfortunately, Malaysia’s Tamil and Chinese primary schools often face shortage in funds. Besides the government, they also rely on charitable individuals and corporations to run effectively.

MONSPACE cares deeply about education, and we have always been active in donating to schools that lack funding. We aspire to set an example for others to play their part in creating a well-learned society.

Change starts from education. Education is the key to change poverty, the society, and the future. It is every single person’s duty to create better learning environments, so our future generations can lead better lives than us. On this belief, MONSPACE will continue giving, and do everything we can to help develop a more vibrant, effective education system in the country. Life Inspiring Life !


前一阵子,来自森州的四所淡小分别SJK(T)Ladang Lenggeng、SJK(T)Ladang Cairo、SJK(T)Ladang Chembong以及SJK(T)Ladang Bradwall。四所小学皆面临了校内设施不齐全的问题,以致校方未能提供学生更优质的学习环境,校方急切需要外界人士的协助。