Life Advice, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai


Xuéhuì shuōhuà zhǐyào liǎng nián, dǒngdé chénmò què yào wǔshí nián
It takes 2 years to learn how to talk, but 50 years to learn how to keep quiet.




This Chinese proverb is a classic issue we see going around us today – Many speak their mind but keep it closed. When your minds are not open, the ability for one to learn reduces greatly. This proverb teaches us the meaning of being able to absorb life learnings. Yet, it also teaches us how to command self control.

The idea of “keeping quiet” isn’t literal. Take one step back and look at who we are today. We keep to our own world(s) most of the time, shutting the door to wisdom. Remaining calm, keeping self control, having a steady flow of thought and being open enough to accept ideas are essential to obtaining wisdom.

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