Practicing A Healthy Lifestyle

People of the world,

We cannot be naive of the danger we are facing with the increasing death rate due to physical inactivity. I know how difficult it is to stay on a dedicated routine just for exercise when most can hardly devote time to spend time with family or even to sit with your children over their school work. Well, you can still go vacations but find a hotel that has a gym.

This is all about practicing a healthy lifestyle and while on vacation, eat more fruits and vegetables and when you feel that treadmills and bicycles are ‘boring’, dip into the pool but not to paddle those lazy legs…do some laps!

My paper at the United Nations yesterday was to remind all of us that non-communicable diseases have no rights to kill. Unfortunately, we have allowed it and we have somehow grown accustomed to these deaths caused by non-communicable diseases (NCD). Reduce physical inactivities, reduce salt intake, stop smoking, do not abuse alcohol consumption and follow a healthy diet. You don’t need to do this everyday but adhering it to twice or thrice week could make you much healthier. Take it one step at a time. This is the time to take action and make changes.

Most are motivated by power and money, but I am motivated by the knowledge that I have acquired. Ensure you have the correct information before you begin. Once you have picked up these little new habits, share it, and together we can make the world a healthier place.

The world is dying and we must try to stop it. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been trying to reduce physical inactivity by 15% globally until year 2030, medical fraternity prescribe exercise to their patients, exercise scientists over and over again have been proving that exercise can do us good and this should be the best business to be involved in. But then again, why isn’t it? Why do the benefits of exercise as proven in all the researches is still unable stop the mortality caused by 1 of the 4 main cause of death – physical inactivity? Why are we not doing it? Are we doing it wrongly? and if so, who will show us how to do it right?

Before we started our global movement to stop non-communicable diseases (NCD), we have spent 15 years probing the word exercise, which is so commonly used but even more commonly misinterpreted. We have spent years on the drawing board and defining the word exercise and now we have successfully proved it correctly in a protocol manner in our pilot studies.I also had the greatest joy presenting the true meaning of exercise to the world at The United Nations, and shared to the world about our fight against non-communicable diseases (NCD). I cannot do it alone and I will need everyone including you, to ensure that mankind will continue to exist healthily.