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Cǎiqǔ xuéshēng de tàidù, jué bùyào yīnwèi tài yǒu chéngjiù ér bù fāwèn, gèng bié yīn wéi zhīdào dé tài duō ér bù xuéxí xīnzhī
Take the attitude of a student. Never be too big to ask questions, and never know too much to learn something new.




It is important to learn new things. We should never be complacent just because we have achieved something. An intelligent person constantly has a strong desire to learn, especially when faced with new situations or environment. Only those who are fit enough to adapt to this ever-changing world will be able to survive; that is the importance of life-long learning.

A good leader does not have to be highly qualified academically, but he or she definitely has to possess strong intellectual curiosity and an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

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