Moving forward, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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Zuì hǎo de chūlù yǒngyuǎn dōu shì yǒngwǎngzhíqián.
The best way out is always through.


美国诗人罗伯特.弗罗斯特(Robert Frost)曾说过一句名言:“最好的出路永远都是勇往直前。”



American poet Robert Frost once said: The best way out is always through.

When we face difficulties, obstacles and problems, it is normal to feel lost and not know what to do. Always remember that stopping is not the right choice—you need to conquer your fears and move forward.

Feeling lost is but temporary, but your own fears can cripple you permanently if you allow it to.

Why not take the step of faith and keep moving—eventually, you will see the light on the other side.

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