Overcome ,by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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The meaning I picked, the one that change my life: overcome fear, behold wonder.
Jiānchí liǎng diǎn jiàng néng gǎibiàn nǐ de yīshēng: Kèfú kǒngjù, kànjiàn qíjī




Insist of two things that will change your life: overcome fear, expect miracles.

Fear is like a huge wall that obstructs our path forward. Too many budding dreams are destroyed due to the fear of taking risks. We need to understand that the path to success often involves risks, and you should not let fear weaken you.

Overcome your fear, and take the first step—you would realize that many worries are only imaginary. It is perfectly possible for you to weather the storms as long as you are passionate about what you do. It does not matter whether you succeed or fail; when you make the first step, you already have the key to creating miracles.

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