The Way of Survival

Traditionally, having high emotional quotient (EQ) means supressing oneself, always putting on a smile and treat people with politeness.

In Eastern culture, “patience” is lauded as a virtue, and the way of survival.

Those who are forward about their thoughts, or speak their mind freely, are often considered “inconsiderate”.

In Western culture, however, the latter is a more valuable attribute. They encourage free speech, and welcome people to express themselves.

In my view, combining the strength of both creates the perfect outcome.

Standing up for yourself in an appropriate manner when you feel uncomfortable—not repressing your feelings, clearly communicating your beliefs.

This is the art of speaking, and the essence of EQ.

The older you get, the more you realise that the person you have to be kindest to is yourself. You are the one closest to you, and only you understand yourself. So self-exploration is important.

When you understand yourself, you’ll know that repressing yourself or conforming to society is a very sad thing. You live for yourself, not anyone else.

In every life stage, seek the meaning and value of life. This sounds simple, but it takes a lifetime to learn. We can never slack from self-exploration.

People who consistent reflect on themselves may not become the most successful one percent, but it can surely make you more forgiving about yourself, and live a happier life.

Life is short, over before we know it. Our efforts and energy are limited, so focus it on things you’re passionate about. Don’t wait till the end of life to realise you haven’t lived it to the fullest.