Hard work ,by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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Jījí de tàidù huì dài lái jījí de jiéguǒ, yīnwèi tàidù shì jùyǒu gǎnrǎn lì de
The way to complete the dream, is to accumulate the small things!





Ichiro Suzuki is a professional baseball player. He is currently the right fielder for the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball, and famously holds the world record of 262 hits.

This success did not come by chance. Throughout the 21 years of his career, he has never failed to show up 2 hours earlier at every match. He would get familiar with the pitch, and practice swinging his bat for about three hundred times. When he is not playing, he is always on standby mode, stretching and ready to hit.

He once said: “If being a genius means not working hard yet achieving something, than I am no genius at all. But if being a genius means achieving something through hard work, than I am definitely one.” Ichiro is not who he is because of sheer talent. He is successful because he practised strict discipline all the time to keep his playing standards high.
To all of us who wish to see success, may we remember Ichiro’s quote. Nothing comes by chance. Even if you are talented, a lack of training will render you mediocre.

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