Influence, by Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai


Yòng shēngmìng yǐngxiǎng shēngmìng
Use your life experiences to influence others’ lives



This classic Chinese proverb is the perfect example of what the Chinese culture teaches us when we were young – Lead by example. When I was young, both my parents use to tell me, “Yun, always remember to follow good examples, not bad ones”. And until today, it’s still in me. I’m still learning from people, showing people good examples of how one should be and lead by great examples – On a daily basis.

One should always remember – Whether or not you realise it, people around you, especially younger ones that may look up to you as an elder brother or sister; may be subjected to your influence on every thing you do – No matter how little they are.

If we show them courage, they will be courageous. If we show them leadership, they will lead by example. If we show them strength, they will be strong. But if we show them weakness, they will be weak. And if we show them fear, they will be fearsome.

Go forth today, and lead your peers by example.

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