We will surely overcome!

In these years, I see the many losses we can face in life—work, relationships, family, health, even our own life. Tragedy and setbacks are inevitable. It’s not about when they happen, but how we cope with it.
When you’ve lived to a certain age, you understand that life isn’t always smooth sailing. We are all living in some kind of option B. When the perfect life is impossible, please embrace option B with positivity and courage.
This unprecedented coronavirus pandemic we face has took away joy from many families and caused global economic upheaval. Many people are struggling.
If that is you, I want to remind you that crisis could be turned into opportunities. When this is over, we would be even stronger than before.
An obstacle does not mean it’s the end of the road. Sadness has the incredible power to turn things around. When in your lowest point in life, stay positive; it determines your future.
This is a challenge faced by all of mankind. And history tells us that mankind is strong and wise. We will surely overcome.
在这些年里,我看到人生许多的失去: 工作、情感、家庭、健康、甚至失去生命。悲剧或挫败,无可避免,总会发生,问题不是何时发生,而是我们都该学会如何面对。